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Do You Stack Park? Follow Parking Policies or Risk Violation Notice

To maximize all parking space at the Lab, numerous stack parking areas are available for use by employees. However, those who stack park must follow these regulations (see D.3). Stacked lots are regularly patrolled. Those not in compliance will receive violation notices (see D.4), which may result in the suspension of parking privileges. See alternate commute options here.

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  1. According to Amit Kothari, Protective Services has agreed not to issue any notices until any concerns are clarified.

  2. Who do we contact to contest a violation? I noticed many cars yesterday that did not seem to be out of compliance at all, including mine, with “failed to pull forward” cards. I also noticed cars parked exactly the same way that did not have citations. I took photographs and would be happy to provide them.

  3. Hmm, I don’t see anything in the RPM about not backing into a spot so why are your guys continuing to ticket people who back their cars into stack parking spots?

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