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How Anna Spurlock’s Brainy Idea Turned Into an Early Career — in Neuroeconomics

With traffic congestion at a record high, some Bay Area officials would like to see more people use public transportation. Habits, however, are hard to break, and so the gridlock grinds on. But for Early Career LDRD awardee Anna Spurlock of ETA, the path to changing our minds about driving lies deep within — our brains. This is the second in a series of features on Early Career LDRD recipients. More>

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  1. “It’s amazing what can be accomplished if you don’t take setbacks as failures.”
    Great advice and great article!

  2. I am very wary of the reductionism that seems to be a quite prominent part in the recent neurobiology, etc. There is something immaterial, profound, and hugely significant about what it means to be human, and attempting to reduce us to chemistry or brain activity (or even worse, to attempt to program our behavior) is demeaning and ultimately destructive of what it means to be human. C.S. Lewis’s small book “The Abolition of Man” can be quite instructive here.

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