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Studies Show Depth of Bias in Scientific Community

Scientists pride themselves on objectivity — they deal in empirical methods, double-blind studies, and data-driven conclusions. But when it comes to human bias, even the most rigorous researchers are vulnerable. Recent studies show the depth of bias problems related to race and gender in the scientific community in virtually every aspect of a scientist’s career life cycle. More>

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  1. Rebecca Hartman-Baker says:

    My read of the Chronicle article is that the implicit bias test is not a reliable measure of whether people will engage in biased behavior. That does not mean that people don’t engage in biased behavior, it just means there’s no reliable test to determine whether they will.

  2. Kevin Peet says:

    This article might be of interest, as to whether any bias actually affects how people behave:

    “…the link between unconscious bias, as measured by the test, and biased behavior has long been debated among scholars, and a new analysis casts doubt on the supposed connection.”

    “Everyone agrees that the statistical effect linking bias to behavior is slight. They only disagree about how slight.”

    I think it should be noted, too, how this entire area is now prompting people (like me) towards self-censorship.

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