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In Case of Emergency, Know Your Zone

To allow Protective Services to better address emergencies on the Lab’s main site, the Hill has been broken into six zones, plus a seventh zone for off-site locations. This enables responders to manage an event more effectively without impacting areas that are out of harm’s way. Staff are encouraged to become familiar with the Lab’s zones. More>

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  1. Robin Mitchell says

    Also, seems like it would be useful to have a list of buildings and the zone they are in. The graphic supplied with this article is pretty poor, and just working off the graphic doesn’t really seem good enough to me.

  2. Rhett Persaud says

    LabAlert messages can be tailored for a variety of situations: we can send messages to people in an impacted building, a zone, or the entire Lab (which includes off-site locations).

    Do keep in mind however that if you are at a meeting in a different zone/building the message will still come to you regarding your impacted building/zone.

    LabAlert draws its info from the HRIS database

  3. Could I please forward the suggestion to consider using letters instead of numbers for the zones? With buildings identified by number, this seems like potential for confusion.

  4. Mary Ellen Kirkchaney says

    This looks great, but will LabAlerts (esp. via text) now state which zone is affected?