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Three Lab Researchers Elected as American Physical Society Fellows

Christian Bauer of the Physics Division (left), Bill Collins of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Area (center), and Ernst Paul Sichtermann of the Nuclear Science Division are among the recipients of 2017 APS fellowships. Lab-affiliated researchers who received fellowships via UC Berkeley include Daniel McKinsey and Yasunori Nomura (Physics Division), and Dan Kasen (Nuclear Science). Go here for a complete list of fellows and their citations.


  1. Hello,

    Dan Kasen, who holds joint position of UC Berkeley (Physics Department) and NSD, LBNL was missing in the list. Could you please correct this?

    Kasen, Daniel N [2017]
    University of California, Berkeley
    Citation: For leadership in developing predictive theories and models of supernova light curves and spectra, impacting our understanding of the width-luminosity relation in Type Ia supernova, the transient optical and IR signals from neutron star mergers, supernova explosion mechanisms, and nucleosynthesis.
    Nominated by: Division of Nuclear Physics

    Feng Yuan
    Nuclear Theory Program Head, NSD