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Deadline for UC Family Member Recertification Extended to June 1

Due to delays in processing, Secova, project administrator of the recertification project, extended the deadline for employees who were asked to recertify family members to June 1. UC will not immediately de-enroll dependents on June 1, however the follow-up process will begin at that time. Contact Secova (888-926-5687) for more information. More>

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  1. Andrea Faizi says:

    The communication from Secova was very poor this year. For example, I logged in to the site last week to check on the status of my submission, and it simply said “Incomplete”: no explanation as to why it was incomplete, how to fix it, etc. I tried to call nearly every day last week to find out what else I needed to do, and no one answered; luckily their voicemail says you can leave a message, except… the mailbox was full! What kind of customer service is that? The best part was that I received two letters from them – on the same day: one saying that they needed more information from me, and another confirming they had all they needed (?)
    This certainly doesn’t make me feel like Secova is an organization that should be trusted with our personal information. Very disappointed.

  2. K. Goldberg says:

    The email from Secova looked utterly sketchy, with poorly rendered University of California graphics, and some images that wouldn’t load, and no other obvious tie-in to UC. I took it for a classic phishing email.

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