Today at Berkeley Lab

Electric Vehicle Discount Offer Available to Lab Employees

Lab employees are eligible for a steep $10,000 discount on the purchase of a Nissan Leaf, in addition to other federal and state rebates. Offer ends March 31. Find the information you need to take to the Nissan dealership here.


  1. I concur with Preston. I’ve been commuting by bike to the lab for over a decade now. I am not as noble as he is, in that, I would gladly take the incentive!

  2. How about an incentive for electric bikes? Also provide sheltered, secured, charge up, parking areas for electric bikes.

  3. A $10,000 subsidy to buy a car, but eight years after the Bicycle Commuter Act went into effect the lab still does not provide employees that bike to work any incentive to do so. The last parking spaces built at the lab about five years ago cost $35,000 a piece, but still the lab does not offer the Congressionally approved bicycle commuter benefit. The Lab exists in a city with the fourth highest bike-to-work percentage in the country, but still it does not offer the bicycle commuter benefit.

    Yes, I bike to the Lab, so I could benefit. However I am not asking the Lab to make this benefit available for my benefit, but rather to reduce the Lab’s impact. To prove this is not self interest, I pledge not to take the benefit if the Lab ever gets around to offering it.