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Lab Attorney and His Daughter Pen and Paint a New Book on Birds

a-is-for-albatross-smallLooking for a project to do together over last year’s holiday break, Robin Chiang of the Innovations & Partnerships Office and his daughter Rosalie collaborated on the book “A is for Albatross: Birds A-Z.” Robin drew the birds and Rosalie wrote the text and painted the birds. The book was a big hit at the Lab’s recent Holiday Craft Fair, with both signing copies of the self-published tome. More>


  1. it is my great pleasure to work directly with Robin for the past 8 (or 9??) years, supporting him in our IP practice at LBNL, and meeting Rosalie several times as she grows up and occasionally visits in our office.

    I’d like to think that my sporadic handing off of calendars (mostly previous years’ outdated ones) with beautiful photographs of birds and other wildlife have spurred the curiosity and love of nature in Rosalie, but i believe it’s more a case of just a lot of care and love and guidance on the part of her parents, Robin and Rachel! (-;

    I’m honored and proud to have been gifted a “first edition” copy of the book by Rosalie and Robin, which sits displayed prominently on our coffee table at home! The book shows surprisingly astute observations about our natural world, penned with intelligence and wit by Rosalie, as well as unveiling a hidden (or previously unknown by us) talent for drawing by Robin… (-:

    The only thing that remains is to have my copy of the book signed by the author(s) and artist!!


  2. I bought 2 copies at the craft fair and plan to keep one (!) and give one to a school library where a friend of mine works. Robin and Rosalie did a great job on the book !