Today at Berkeley Lab

A Holiday Message From Director Witherell

Mike-Witherell-1_16-06As we enter the Christmas/New Year’s holiday season, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everybody at the Lab for their dedication and hard work over the past year. Please enjoy your well-earned time at home with family and friends.

We have had many terrific accomplishments this year. We received first-stage approval for the ALS upgrade project. We are ready to start building the Integrative Genomics Building, as you can easily see. And across the Lab, we have been making new discoveries that bring science solutions to the world.

For me, it has been a pleasure to get to know so many of you, and to work together with you to continue to build this great community of creative thinkers who are constantly generating new ideas here at the Lab. None of this exceptional work would be possible without each one of you.

This is a good time of year to think about how lucky all of us are who have good jobs, healthcare, and a home. I hope all of us think about how we can help some of our neighbors who are struggling. I’d like to extend special thanks to all of you who are volunteering in your community.

With warm wishes for a happy holiday season.


  1. Thank you, I am new here and it was nice to receive such a warm note of appreciation. It says a lot about the organization. Best wishes to you also and a Merry Christmas!