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REAL ID Required for Lab Visitors in 2017

The Lab will implement REAL ID requirements for visitors to the Lab beginning in early 2017. REAL ID is a federal initiative that applies to state-issued driver’s licenses and ID cards. Visitors wishing to access the Lab will need to show REAL ID compliant identification or an acceptable alternative, as defined by the federal government. More>


  1. My wife drives me to work sometimes. Will she need to show her Driver’s License to get through the gate?

  2. Kymba,
    The ID check only needs to occur at the gate when a visitor arrives at the lab. Their identity is confirmed and matched to a name on the gate list or on their visitor pass.

    This requirement only applies to visitors. A visitor is someone invited to access the Lab. This is commonly done through the visitor pass request system, HR interview process, visitor gate list, etc.

    Taxi, Uber, Lyft do not need to show ID to drop off or pick up. However, whenever a lab staff member or visitor requests a taxi, Uber, Lyft pick up please notify security of their expected arrival time and destination by calling x6999.

  3. I hope you’ll provide greater clarity as to how this impacts our visitors. Does this start right after January 1, or will it be phased in? Do ID’s only get checked at the gates and then a visitor might be turned away? California is on an extension for drivers’ licences until June 2017. After that will visitors from California need a secondary ID? Or is CA working on some kind of extension that will go into effect making this easier on all of us for the majority of our visitors?

  4. Who is responsible for checking IDs? (i.e. Host? HR? Protective Services?)
    What is the documentation requirement for an ID check?
    (documenting/verifying the ID check having taken place, not what is a valid ID; a note in a file? a note on calendar? submitting a copy to HR? submitting a copy to Protective Services? simply remembering that it has been done?)
    At what stage of the affiliate badging process are IDs verified?
    At what stage of the casual visitor process are IDs verified?

  5. What is a visitor?
    Does it include a taxi/uber/lyft driver trying to drop an employee or affiliate off at a Lab building?
    If an employee/affiliate wants to get dropped off at Building 90 by their spouse, is this allowed? Are there requirements for the spouse to be allowed to enter like showing a driver’s license?
    Are there different requirements for employees compared to affiliates who already work at the lab?

  6. In the “What is Real ID?” flyer, in the big heading “How Does It Effect Me?” the proper word is Affect, not Effect.