Today at Berkeley Lab

In Memoriam: Mendelevium Co-Discoverer Bernard Harvey


Harvey died on Nov. 29 at age 97. He co-discovered element 101, mendelevium, with Glenn Seaborg in 1955. He wrote the first scientific paper on plutonium chemistry during World War II, which caught the eye of Seaborg. At Seaborg’s urging, Harvey joined the Lab in 1953 and served as director of the 88-inch cyclotron and the Nuclear Science Division before retiring.

Harvey (far right) is pictured with (l-r) Bob Thornton, John Lawrence, Don Cooksey, and Ed McMillan at the closing of the 60-inch cyclotron in 1962.

A fuller obituary will be posted in TABL in the near future.


  1. Bernie Harvey had a remarkable career, from living through the London WW2 Blitz
    to heavy-element research in Canada and then LBL and leadership of the Nuclear Science Division and continuing research after retirement. Our condolences go out to his family.

  2. Bernie continued to come to the Lab for Nuclear Science talks well into his 90s. I remember him as a kind gentleman. RIP Bernie.