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In Memoriam: Legendary Lab Physicist Ed Lofgren (1914-2016)


Edward Lofgren, a physicist hired by E.O Lawrence who worked on an early isotope-separating cyclotron, participated in the Manhattan Project, and oversaw the operation of the Bevatron accelerator as its first director when the antiproton was discovered there, died Sept. 5, at the age of 102. A full obit, including memorial service details, will appear in TABL in the coming days.

In photo, Lofgren (center right), Ernest Lawrence (far left), William Brobeck (center left), and Edwin McMillan look at plans in the Bevatron in 1954.

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  1. Rudin m. johnson says:

    I had the pleasure of working in the ’60s in the Lofgren group upgrading the bevatron & the 1 mi diameter accelerator studies. He was great leader ! Condolences to his family,friends & colleges.

  2. Carl Figueroa says:

    Ed was one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever met.
    I really enjoyed talking to him.

  3. Lina Galtieri says:

    Ed Lofgren was a great physicist and a great person to work with.
    I had the fortune to arrive at LBL in 1961 when he was head of the Bevatron and I was a user of the Bevatron. He listened to everyone of us! It was a pleasure to talk to him. He has been one of the giants that made this Lab a success.

  4. Wow! Mr. Lofgren lived a full life and contributed so much.

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