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In Memoriam: Retired Physicist Howard Shugart (1932-2016)

shugartShugart joined the Lab in 1965 as group lead of the Atomic Beams Group. His research interests included atomic and molecular beams, low energy nuclear physics, and the experimental determination of the mechanical and electromagnetic properties of nuclei and atoms. More>


  1. As a freshman architecture major, I took what is now called Physics 8 from Professor Shugart the first time he taught it at Berkeley, in the fall of 1957. What remains vivid in my mind is what a congenial and perceptive teacher he was. Some 30 years later, when I joined the Berkeley faculty, I ran into him on campus and thanked him again for inspiring what became a lifelong love of physics, which I went on to teach for nearly a decade before moving into environmental science. He was truly a fine person.