Today at Berkeley Lab

Lab Physics Chart Makes Cameo on The Big Bang Theory


The hit TV show The Big Bang Theory recently featured the newest version of the Fundamental Particles and Interactions chart, a visualization that represents the major research findings in particle physics over the years.

It’s not the first time the chart—considered the particle physicists’ response to the chemist’s periodic table of elements—has been on camera. It’s also made appearances in a number of movies including Donnie Darko and The Hulk.

More than half a million copies of the chart have been distributed since it was first created at Berkeley Lab in 1987 using content supplied by the Labs’s Michael Barnett and SLAC’s Helen Quinn and designs by the Contemporary Physics Education Project. This most recent version is a completely new design with updated content. Additions include the recently discovered Higgs boson, more information on the world of quarks, electrons, neutrinos, gluons antimatter, and the top quark, and an “Unsolved Mysteries” section featuring dark matter and dark energy.


  1. Actually, it was the Nuclear Science Chart, developed at this laboratory, that appeared in Donnie Darko, not the Particle Chart.