Today at Berkeley Lab

DESI’s Concept and Budget Range Approved

DESILast week, the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument project, DESI, passed a critical early review known as CD-1. For the review, the Department of Energy’s Office of Project Assessment brought in a panel of 14 experts to review the conceptual design, preliminary timelines, and a budget range. The next step, CD-2, will be to establish a cost baseline and approve the preliminary design.

“DESI will be a game changer for experimental cosmology, allowing us to measure the expansion of the universe with unprecedented accuracy,” says James Symons, Associate Laboratory Director for Physical Sciences at Berkeley Lab. “We’re very pleased that the DESI project team’s conceptual design has been validated by this expert and experienced committee. There is still a lot of work ahead for the team, but we are on track for a project baseline review in the coming year.”

DESI is multi-institution collaboration managed by Berkeley Lab that aims to map the 3-D location of as many as 25 million galaxies and quasars, giving the most comprehensive view of the expansion history of the universe to date.

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