Today at Berkeley Lab

Researchers Create First Soluble 2D Supramolecular Organic Framework

Yi Liu, a chemist with the Materials Sciences Division who oversees the supramolecular electronics research group at the Molecular Foundry, helped lead the creation of the first two-dimensional SOFs — supramolecular organic frameworks — that self-assemble in solution. Featuring a porous framework with honeycomb periodicity similar to that of a MOF (metal organic framework) but in solution, SOFs hold great promise for sensing and separation technologies, energy sciences, and biomimetics. Working in collaboration with Liu on this project were Xin Zhao and Zhan-Ting Li, plus Kang-Da Zhang, Jia Tian, David Hanifi, Yuebiao Zhang, Andrew Chi-Hau Sue, Tian-You Zhou and Lei Zhang. More>