Today at Berkeley Lab

Road and Pedestrian Safety Suggestions Continue to Flow In

Employees are continuing to suggest improvements to roads and walkways at the Lab through an online forum, and many of these ideas are being implemented. Most recently, walkways near Building 48 have been repositioned and crosswalks at the roundabout have been repainted with higher-traction paint to reduce slipping when the area is wet. Thanks to Wayne Stolte (left), Stephen Derenzo (center), and Preston Jordan for their suggestions to help make the Lab a safer place for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.


  1. How about constructing an entirely new pedestrian path from Building 90, traversing above Buildings 55 and 64, connecting to an existing access lane that joins McMillan Road?

    This path would hugely improve pedestrian connections between Building 90 and the cafeteria and other central facilities. Moreover, it would be nearly level, completely avoids several dangerous intersections, and pleasant to walk.

  2. It’s worthwhile to read through the comments of Andreas Schmid in the online forum (see link in article) as well as other comments, since it seems that the improvements recently made don’t seem to be in line with traffic safety regulations and after reading those I think it’s questionable if the changes made really do make the Lab a safer place. Andreas has put together a lot of information about this with references to the relevant section of, for example, the Federal Highway Administration and other documentation.