Today at Berkeley Lab

[email protected] Talk on Atomic, Molecular, Clusters Science at X-Ray FELS

On Wednesday, Kiyoshi Ueda of Tohoku University in Japan will present a talk on SCSS to SACLA: New Opportunities for Atomic, Molecular and Cluster Science at X-ray FELs. The event takes place in Building 15-253 at noon. At the soft X-ray FEL, SCSS, intense ultrafast laser pulses multiply-ionize atoms and molecules and induce complex electron dynamics unexplored so far. At the new hard X-ray FEL in Japan, SACLA, deep inner-shell ionization and sequential electronic decay cycles are repeated multiple times in heavy atoms – within the 10 femtosecond XFEL pulse duration. These fundamental studies highlight the necessity to account for electronic effects in using XFEL pulses to determinestructure.