Today at Berkeley Lab

March 18 Elder Care Workshop on Long Distance Care Giving

Are you trying to help an elder from a distance? Is it difficult to get information about what’s really happening? Do you worry about what will happen when you’re not there? The Lab will host a workshop on long distance care giving on Monday, March 18, from noon to 1 p.m. in Building 90-1099. Participants will learn when and how to help, how to find resources in your elder’s community that can assist them, and how to receive support for yourself. This free workshop will be led by Maureen Kelly of UC Berkeley’s CARE Services.


  1. From Loida Bartolome-Mingao, [email protected]:

    Attendees must register to attend this workshop due to a limited seating capacity in this conference room. To register, use the Employee Self-Service, Training Course Enrollment process.

    Spouses are welcome to attend; however, employees must let me know in advance, so I can add spouses to the roster / reserve a seat.

    Non-registered attendees, or drop-ins, may attend, only if there’s seating accommodation available.

  2. I’d also like to know if there is registration. I’d like to attend, but it will take some effort to make it to Building 90 and I don’t want to make the trip only to be shut out of a full room.