Today at Berkeley Lab

Lab Hosts Thousands at Saturday’s Open House

Nearly 6,000 members of the community came to the Hill on Saturday, gaining science knowledge and learning more about Berkeley Lab at the annual Open House event. Virtually every division hosted exhibits, including the Joint Genome Institute, who dispersed poplar tree saplings to guests, such as these intrepid Boy Scouts. Event organizers wish to thank the hundreds of volunteers who helped make Open House a huge success. More on Open House will appear in TABL tomorrow.


  1. This was an outstanding effort by the entire Lab community to bring science to thousands from all over the Bay Area. A big thank you to all who volunteered to work that day and an even bigger thank you to those individuals who worked tirelessly over the past year (as an addition to your “day” job) to make this a success! Who knows? Our next Nobel laureate may have attended the Open House on Saturday!

  2. I brought my grandpa (82) in for the open house who was visiting from the Netherlands. He was massively impressed and told his friends at home that the scale of the advanced light source is beyond imagination! It was one of the highlights of his week, many thanks!