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David Bailey: Algebra Is Essential in a 21st Century Economy

[Huffington Post] Recently, Andrew Hacker, an author and former professor of political science at Queens College in New York City, created quite a stir with a New York Times op-ed entitled, “Is Algebra Necessary?” in which he argues that it is no longer necessary to expect the vast majority of K-12 students to study algebra, geometry, or calculus. In their Huffington Post blog, David Bailey of Berkeley Lab’s Computational Research Division and Jonathan Borwein of the University of Newcastle, Australia, argue that algebra is still relevant, especially for disadvantaged students. And both authors wonder whether their careers in mathematics would have been possible if their schools had “tracked” them into mathematically less challenging courses. More>


  1. Great response to an idiotic article. In the postmodern world some think that life should be easy and everyone rewarded for trying, or not. We’ve already done away with PE and the arts and electronic devices have begun to downgrade writing. Get rid of math and English and we can close the schools and balance California’s budget.