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A Message From Director Alivisatos on Lab’s 2012 Open House

Based on the success over the last two years and the terrific feedback we received from visitors, I am excited to announce that we will host an Open House this year on Saturday, Oct. 13, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The Open House showcases our research and how it benefits society, seeks to inspire future generations of scientists, and helps build good relations with our local community, which are all key to the Lab’s overall mission.

This year’s theme is “Adventures in Science With the Berkeley Lab Explorers” and the event location will move to the Bevatron parking lot, which provides more room, a flatter surface, and easier access for visitors.

Open House is not possible without the help of volunteers, so I have asked each Division Director to create a task force comprised of scientists and/or staff to develop exhibits showcasing their research or operational areas. A representative of this group will work with Public Affairs, which is leading the overall program.

Those interested in assisting with their division’s exhibit, or assisting with general event duties, can contact event manager Lyn Hunter.

I look forward to seeing you at this wonderful, exciting event. Go here to watch a video of last year’s event.

— Paul Alivisatos


  1. i think it would be much worse to turn someone away at the gate (if we reach our limit) then to let them know ahead of time. people appreciate being able to plan their day ahead of time. if there is still space, registration doesn’t close until a day or two before the event, so “far in advance” doesn’t apply here. we will include some language on the website that clarifies we are not “vetting people,” and that it’s first come first serve. thanks for your feedback.

  2. My concern is that limiting entry to those who have registered far in advance creates the appearance that we are vetting individuals. To get an idea of numbers attending, it may be that we have enough experience now to estimate from previous years. If we need a hard limit, we could count people as they enter, and close entry if we go over. We might also ask people to fill out a survey or register when they enter the lab on the day. I’m sure there are variables here that I’m not aware of, but I would encourage the planners to give some creative thought to the matter.

  3. due to safety reasons and site security, we need to have some sense of how many people are coming to the lab, and registration is the only way we can do that.

    registration also allows us to survey visitors to see what they liked and didn’t like, so we can keep improving the event every year. it also enables us to keep in contact with guests about other berkeley lab events, which helps us build bonds with the community.

    there is no exclusivity to this event…ANYONE can register and attend!!

  4. This year, I hope the lab can make the event available to visitors who are not registered in advance. That policy has kept friends and family of mine from seeing it in past years, and the exclusiveness doesn’t reflect well on the lab, IMHO.