Today at Berkeley Lab

In Memoriam: Former Lab Rigger Arlan ‘Red’ Barnes (1928-2012)

Arlan “Red” Clinton Barnes, age 84, of Adona, Arkansas passed away Feb. 17. Barnes worked at the Lab as a rigger for over 30 years, before retiring. He was part of the team who built the Bevatron in the 1950s. An accomplished musician, Barnes played standup bass, fiddle, and guitar and practiced with his “Super HILAC” band in the electronics fabrication and installation shop in Building 71. Barnes is playing guitar in the photo, alongside Tom Downs (tuba), Bob Peterson (banjo) and Betty Shipley (trumpet). He was inducted into the Western Swing Society Hall of Fame in 1997. During his musical career he played fiddle with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys, Patsy Cline, Mel Tillis, Willie Nelson, Jim Reaves, Buck Owens, Glenn Campbell, Bill Anderson, Ray Price and others. More>


  1. I lived next door to Red for years and also worked at LBNL and i`am still here .Red was a great man and
    mentor for me and my family and he will be miss God bliss you. Love Richard Doty and Family. call

  2. I knew Red Barnes well. I worked with him ar the Super HILAC. After Red retired he moved up to Clear Lake for a few years before moving back to Arkansas where he was from. Great guy. Always smiling.