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Farewell Bevatron: Massive Demolition Effort Nears the End

After about three and a half years of work, the demolition of the Bevatron is scheduled for completion at the end of the month. The Herculean task of tearing down the venerable machine generated 37,200 tons of waste, 18,600 tons of concrete, 15,200 tons of metals, and 1,908 cubic yards of soil. A ‘time capsule’ was unearthed during the process, as well, which included the front pages of several local newspapers, two photos of Bevatron technicians, and, oddly, a scathing Time magazine review of the movie Tarzan starring Bo Derek, all from August 1981. Go here for the full story, slideshow of the various demolition stages and time capsule photos, and an additional video.


  1. August 1981. A group of Bevatron employees exit a Berkeley movie theater:

    Employee #1: That movie was TERRIBLE! We have to find a way to warn the people of the future not to waste their time seeing it!
    Employee #2: Yes, but how?
    Employee #3: . . . I think I know a way . . .

  2. Yes Richard, Great research was done at the Bevatron, and we fully expect that this prime site will again be the site for outstanding science in coming decades. As the next generation of research facilities are in development and review, the large Bevatron site provides an opportunity to flexibly address near-term parking, laydown and support needs while other new buildings are constructed on the Hill-site and the Second Campus Site advances. COO Krupnick and DD Ridgeway proposed, and Lab Leadership has approved a FY12 UniCall project to pave and light the area to support these uses. Ted Mankowski is the project manager and will be issuing updates through TABL.