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Battery Buckets are for Batteries Only

Battery buckets are for the collection of used batteries only, not compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL) or other non-battery items. CFL light bulbs contain mercury and if broken, create a mercury spill that is time-consuming and hazardous to clean up. Contact the Facilities Work Request Center to arrange pick-up of CFLs. Cell phones or other electrical equipment containing batteries don’t belong in battery buckets. Contact your EH&S Generator Assistant for pickup of these universal waste items. Battery buckets are for batteries from Lab equipment, not from personal devices. Personal items can be taken for free to hardware stores, household hazardous waste facilities, and sellers of electronic devices.

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  1. Nancy Rothermich says:

    Changing of light bulbs is a maintenance activity. Although you will have to put in a Work Request, there should be no charge to change the light bulb.

  2. Wayne McKinney says:

    My guess is that since mercury thermometer pickup was free, then CFL pickup will be free also. 🙂

  3. Helen Jefferson says:

    Do I understand that a special pickup is required for CFLs etc and that a project ID will be required?