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Family Member Health Insurance Eligibility Review to Begin in March

Beginning in March, employees with family members enrolled in UC-sponsored health plans will be asked to verify their eligibility. Secova, Inc. will complete the project to identify ineligible family members. Two documents will be needed to confirm eligibility of a spouse or domestic partner (marriage certificates, California domestic partner registration, tax returns, bank account statements, UC Declaration of Domestic Partnership form, and domestic partner agreements). To prove a child’s eligibility, only one document is required (birth certificate, adoption papers, court order for a legal ward). More>

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  1. Richard Firestone says:

    I assume that UC will pay for all costs involved in obtaining these documents. Personnally I am offended by the way they are going about this.

  2. Christina DeBernardi says:

    I am concerned about important papers being given to someone I don’t know. Identity theft is rampant and a birth certificate is one step closer to taking another person’s identity. What is done with the document copies once they are received by your office? How are they discarded, when?