Today at Berkeley Lab

Lab Produces Video on Changing Behavior of Energy Consumers in Kansas

In 2010, Lab electricity-market, policy and consumer behavior expert Merrian Fuller singled out a small environmental organization in Kansas — the Climate and Energy Project (CEP) — as an outstanding example of how you change behavior on energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions through an apolitical emphasis on heartland values. This past summer, a team from the Lab, seeking to capture what Fuller had featured in her report “Driving Demand for Home Energy Improvement,” visited Kansas. The resulting video shows how and why CEP has become an inspiration to other environmental organizations that are seeking to change behavior where climate-change skepticism abounds.


  1. To the producers of the Kansas Video and the rest of the LBL community

    This video demonstrates that there is a smart way of changing peoples behavior. You don’t beat a conservative over the head with liberal values and expect a positive result. I might add that the same applies when a conservative beats a liberal over the head with conservative values. If you want people to change the way they do things they have to buy in to the notion that change is good for them. It is too bad that the politicians in Washington and Sacramento can’t seem to understand what this video demonstrates. Excellent job, I am proud that LBL is part of it.

    Mike Green
    LBL (retired)