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Farmers Market Comes to Berkeley Lab on Oct. 19

To give employees easy access to healthy, locally grown food, the Facilities Division and cafeteria vendor Epicurean is hosting a farmers market on Wednesday, Oct. 19, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the cafeteria lawn area. The market will feature independent, organic growers, including Happy Boy Farms, Andy’s Orchard, Marin French Cheese Company, and Gourmet Mushrooms. Staff are encouraged to bring their own, reusable grocery bags. If the event is a success and enough business is generated, subsequent onsite farmers markets will be considered. This market is among the projects emanating from the Facilities Division’s “Change Agent” program. More>

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  1. Great! This was very well done. Thanks for your efforts.

  2. Elizabeth Stuart says:

    The farmer’s market was FANTASTIC!! Terrific to be able to shop for healthy food right at work and also a great way to meet Lab folks from other departments in a relaxed setting. Big big kudos! I hope we can have them at least once a month or even every week or 2 weeks! Thank very much for doing it.

  3. Lady Idos says:

    Kudos to Facilities Change Agents for coordinating this event. Looking forward to it!

  4. Ross Schaefer says:

    We are hoping for a great turnout at this event, so that the growers sell enough to justify coming to the Lab for our Farmer’s Market (although we’d love for them to have very strong sales here). We would love to organize another 3-4 Markets next year beginning in late May. Please spread the word and buy lots of great local produce!

  5. Pat Thomas says:

    I hope you are reserving Perseverance Hall as a back-up, in case the weather is not favorable to have the market outdoors that day.

  6. Debra Ward says:

    Great Idea! I have a request. Could they also see if they can get the Kettle Corn people on that day? To me, a Farmer’s Market is not one without them. I like the smell, purchase and eat while I shop around. Thank you.

  7. Ken Woolfe says:

    Hope this works out. This would be another benefit to working at the Lab, along with noon classes, Wells Fargo ATM, etc., that make it easier for workers to stay dedicated to work and get other “life” things done with minimal interruption.

  8. Yay, what a great idea!

  9. I’m *very* excited. Being able to buy nice vegies at lunch would be an enormous time-saver.

    In the past this failed for “lack of popularity”, however, the produce they sold for a little while on racks near the coffee stand were poor. If the vegies are good, but there is not huge participation, perhaps we could have a CSA Club instead, where several people could split the required huge orders, to make it practical and easy…? I hope this works out, but if not, I hope we could get reasonaly priced CSA delivery to the lab.


  10. Wow, I’m impressed with the vendors recruited — all great operations. I’ve put the date on my calendar. Hope it doesn’t rain…

  11. A novel event! This could perhaps be publicized widely by having signs a few days ahead at the Blackberry gate and other strategic locations so more people in the lab community are aware of the event. I hope the growers have enough incentive to return on regular basis.

  12. Great idea!! Unfortunately I’ll be out of town so I really hope you will offer a second one, give this idea a couple tries to gain traction.

  13. Candace F. says:

    I’m so excited. What a great idea. I love that there will be something here on-site and will not require me to loose my parking space =)