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Schedule for Rockridge Shuttle Bus Changes

The results of a recent survey indicate a large majority of riders support a schedule change for the afternoon leg of the Rockridge shuttle. The new schedule will go into effect Monday. The shuttle will depart from Bldg. 65 at 3:35, 4:3, 5:35, and 6:35 p.m.; Cafeteria at 3:36, 4:36, 5:36, and 6:36 p.m.; Firehouse at 3:37, 4:37, 5:37, and 6:37 p.m.; and Strawberry Gate at 3:38, 4:38, 5:38, and 6:38 p.m. E-mail [email protected] for more information.


  1. Thank you! The 3:30 riders will be more likely to make the 4pm train in Rockridge now. Much appreciated!

  2. I live in Lafayette therefore it would be ideal for me. Later the better as well. I really appreciate this updated Shuttle Bus Changes.

  3. Could bus services please clarify what this change of only 5 minutes was intended to accomplish? As far as I can see, the main effect will be that rockridge shuttle riders will run up the stairs to try to make the 5:53 train instead of the 5:59 train.

    The main problem with the rockridge shuttle still exists, which is that anybody leaving ~5pm has to either cut out from work early (to make the 4:35 shuttle) or stay at work another half hour, when the 5:35 shuttle finally departs. The rockridge shuttle is completely out of sync with the reality that many people would like to leave at 5pm, or shortly thereafter. A 5:10 or 5:15 departure would be much more useful.

  4. Great move, due to Facilites shift ending at 3:30, maybe first bus out could be at old time. Overall nice to see schedule will match with riders long desired wishes.