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ALS Scientists Provide Overview of X-ray Microscopy

falconeRoger Falcone, director of the Advanced Light Source, is the lead author of the cover story for the new issue of Contemporary Physics. The article, “New directions in X-ray microscopy,” provides an introduction to the current state and future prospects of X-ray microscopy for the non-expert. Despite the remarkable progress of visible light microscopy and unmatched resolution of electron microscopy, X-ray microscopy continues to provide information unobtainable through any other technology. Other ALS co-authors of this paper were Chris Jacobsen, Janos Kirz and Stefano Marchesini. More>

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  1. Sorry if the headline was confusing. He’s not giving a talk.

  2. Robert Fox says

    Where and at what time will Roger Falcone give his talk?

  3. Did I miss the where and when?