Today at Berkeley Lab

‘Sit Down with Sabin’ Talk on Dark Energy Today at Noon

Berkeley Lab physicist and dark energy hunter David Schlegel will chat with Sabin Russell, former San Francisco Chronicle reporter turned Berkeley Lab science writer, today at noon in the Building 50 auditorium. Their conversation is the first installment of Sit Down With Sabin, a weekly conversation hosted by Russell. Over the course of five conversations with Berkeley Lab staff this summer, Russell will explore the ups and downs of innovative science — all without the aid of PowerPoint slides. Bring your lunch and questions. Go here for a complete lineup of conversations this summer. The presentations will be videotaped and posted in TABL as soon as available.


  1. This was informative and interesting. Sabin Russell does his homework and asks great questions; he also establishes a friendly atmosphere. David Schlegel is articulate and enjoyable to listen to. Great job!