Today at Berkeley Lab

In Memoriam: Albert Ghiorso (1915-2010)

Albert Ghiorso, nuclear researcher at Berkeley Lab and legendary hunter of transuranic elements, with a world-record dozen discoveries to his credit, died Sunday, Dec. 26, 2010, at the age of 95, of heart failure. Ghiorso, who joined the Laboratory staff in 1941, was a longtime collaborator with Nobel laureate Glenn Seaborg and a prolific inventor of nuclear technology. Many of the machines and detectors used in the search for new chemical elements, including Berkeley Lab’s HILAC, SuperHILAC, and Bevalac, were invented or influenced in their design by Ghiorso. Said Berkeley Lab Director Paul Alivisatos, “Even a cursory glance at the bibliography of Albert Ghiorso is enough to convince one that his work—the elaboration of the periodic chart of the elements—ranks among the great developments of scientific thought.” More>