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Aloha Spirit, Tacky Sweater Contest Winners Crowned at Holiday Party

With grab bags full of goodies and yummy hot coco in hand, a cheery crowd of staff turned out for the Lab’s holiday party on Dec. 17. The festivities were highlighted by a performance of Christmas carols by the Ukulele Club, a dancing Santa, and a dual contest to see who wore the tackiest holiday sweater (won by Olga Poblete. left) and who exhibited the most aloha spirit (won by Jim DeYoreo). Go here to view photos from the festivities.


  1. With all due respect to “journalistic license”, I found the heading and description of the holiday party inaccurate, inappropriate, and offensive. Although in past years, there may have been a “tacky sweater” contest, the sweater contest this year, as announced at the Holiday Party was in fact for the “Best Holiday Spirit/Most Festive Holiday Sweater”, not “Tacky Sweater” (heading) or “tackiest holiday sweater” (description). Olga’s sweater is in fact Festive, evoking Warm Holiday Spirit, and is not “tacky”. As a co-worker and friend to Olga, I feel the TaBL writer owes Olga a correction to yesterday’s TaBL article, and a public apology for the error. Thanks for listening.

  2. I didn’t think Olga’s sweater was tacky at all. I heard it was supposed to be “most festive” sweater. Calling a person’s attire “tackiest” is belittling and inappropriate.

  3. I think tackiest word is not appropriate for the Christmas holiday that is why it was announced at the party that the sweater contest is for the most FESTIVE swearter not tackiest.

  4. Pls note the the contest holiday sweater was supposed to be the most festive sweater not tackiets.