July 11 Lab-Wide Emergency Evacuation Exercise

Emergency exercises are designed to teach employees what to do and how to do them safely, as well as pinpoint issues that need attention or improvement. That’s why Berkeley Lab’s annual exercise on Thursday, July 11 is so important. For the first time in the Lab’s history, we are going to ask that employees in buildings in the westernmost portion of the lab [see list below] physically evacuate – much as they might have to do in case of a wildfire or earthquake. We will also be testing our ability to account for ALL Berkeley Lab staff during or following an incident by asking that all employees (including those at satellite locations) check in and provide their status and location.

This mandatory drill will begin at 2:30 p.m. with an announcement over the loudspeakers and a Level One email from your respective divisions. No one in the evacuation zone should leave their building until instructed to do so by their Building Manager/Building Emergency Team members. Your active participation is important to ensure that the Lab is prepared for possible disasters.

An announcement will conclude the exercise.

Partial Evacuation

Staff working in buildings 56A, 56W, 65 complex, 88, 70, 70A, 50 complex, 55, 56, 60, 63, 64, 90 will be directed by their Building Emergency Teams (BET) to take their personal belongings and leave the Lab for the remainder of the work day. (See the attached map for the order in which building groups will be evacuated.) Once evacuated and safe, staff members are expected to check in with their division management using either one of the methods listed below or a check-in plan your division already has in place. Staff represented by a union participating in the evacuation exercise must be paid for the entire shift.

Shuttles will continue to run during this exercise, with an additional Rockridge shuttle leaving Building 65 at 2:45 p.m.

Lab-Wide Staff Check-In

All Berkeley Lab employees, including those working in buildings that are not being evacuated and those at all off-site locations, are required to check in personally with supervisors via text message, phone, or other established accountability procedures. Some divisions are employing IT’s new online personnel accountability check-in tool. The IT check-in tool does not account for affiliates, students or new hires. Anyone that is not in the system is automatically instructed to contact their supervisor. Check with your division management about how your division conducts personnel accountability.

For more information about the staff check-in or to find out who your continuity point-of-contact is go to http://bcp.lbl.gov.

The Lab’s Protective Services Department has created the following Frequently Asked Questions:

FAQs for evacuation exercise

FAQs for accountability exercise

Map of Zone 1 buildings