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Benefits Office Hosts Sept. 28 Seminar on Understanding Estate Planning

The seminar will look at who needs estate planning, why and when estate planning should take place, the advantages and disadvantages of a will, what a living trust is, and controlling assets when incapacitated by accident or illness. The event — led by representatives from ARAG, the Lab’s legal benefit provider — takes place at noon in the Building 50 Auditorium.

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  1. Both live-streaming and recording of this very timely seminar would be much appreciated!

  2. Phillip Weiss says:

    Thank you so much for doing this seminar. This can be very helpful. I hope that this can be livestreamed or recorded so that our hundreds of employees at offsite locations may benefit from this session as well. I’d leave this comment directly for the Benefits department but I’m not sure who to contact since no contact information was included in the article.

  3. Can this be live streamed for those that are located off the main Laboratory property?

  4. Would it possible to do AV recording of this session and make it available for review later ? I will out on travel and cannot attend the 28th session. Thanks

  5. It would help if you said when the seminar is over. Not everyone knows to click the Google Calendar link to find out.

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