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6 Tips for Making Meetings More Accessible to All

In this article, All Access Employee Resource Group member Deb Andrews shares her experience with increasing hearing loss and some workarounds that allow her to function fully. Andrews also provides six suggestions from the Hearing Loss Association of America for hosts to consider when planning meetings and group presentations. More>

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  1. Kat Wentworth says:

    Thank you for sharing these important tips Deb. As Amanda said, these are good public speaking/meeting tips in general that have the additional benefit of being more inclusive.

  2. Glenn Hopper says:

    Excellent! Very helpful reminders!

  3. Amanda Krieger says:

    Much of this is a great reminder of the good presentation skills that we should all practice. In the true spirit of all-access, a rising tide lifts all boats 🙂

    Thank you! Amanda

  4. Karyn Houston says:

    Great information. Thank you!

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