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Sign Up for LabAlert to Receive Emergency Information

An initial and important lesson learned from last Wednesday’s emergency response is the need for all Lab staff to sign up for LabAlert, which has the ability to quickly text, call, and email emergency information to employees’ mobile devices.

While the PA system and Level 1 emails will also be utilized, opting in for LabAlert allows the Emergency Response Team to communicate important emergency messages to the Lab community, even if people are away from their computers.

This lesson is the first of many that will be communicated to staff as Lab leadership and Protective Services review the extensive feedback received in response to last week’s events. If you haven’t yet had a chance to share your comments on last week’s event, please do so using this online form. This feedback will greatly assist efforts to understand how the Lab’s emergency response system can be improved. In particular, improvements to the Lab’s emergency incident communications, including LabAlert, will be made based on the many constructive suggestions that have been submitted.

Why and how to sign up for LabAlert

In the case of an emergency, LabAlert is the Emergency Response Team’s primary means of communicating essential information (other message channels are the PA system and Level 1 emails). We encourage all Lab employees to sign up for LabAlert so that they can receive these critically important messages during an emergency event.

With the LabAlert tool, the Emergency Response Team has the ability to quickly text, call, and email emergency information. LabAlert also has a reach-back capability that allows staff to account for their well-being during an event. The main benefits of this free service include:

  1. Rapid notification of emergency information on a mobile device.
  2. Notification when protective actions are implemented (e.g., lockdown, shelter-in-place, evacuate).
  3. Updates as an event evolves.
  4. Notification of the suspension and/or resumption of Lab operations.
  5. Personnel Accountability — LabAlert allows you to indicate whether or not you are safe.

To sign up for LabAlert, go here. Be sure to include all devices and email addresses on which you want to receive notifications (work cell, personal cell, work email, personal email). More information about LabAlert can be found in the A-Z index under “L.”

For more information and questions about LabAlert, please contact

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