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New Publication Requirements, System Launching This Month

As required by a 2015 White House initiative, all publications resulting from federally funded work must be made available to the public. To improve open access compliance, the Lab is deploying a new publications system. Lab authors will begin receiving email from this system asking them to claim their publications. Go here for more information and details on April 24 and May 1 training opportunities.

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  1. Hi Richard,

    We agree that LBL has little control over publication policies if coauthors are at other institutions, but that does not absolve us of the responsibility to try to obtain the publications. Keep in mind that the OA requirement at LBL far from unique. Similar policies cover almost all federally funded research. Additionally, many states and even the EU have open access policies.

    As you point out, in most cases, it may not be possible to upload the final published version of the paper, but authors are allowed (and expected) to submit their “final author’s manuscript.” This is the final, fully refereed version of the paper that was sent to the publisher, but does not include the publisher’s formatting. Please do not be sheepish about contacting other authors in order to get a copy of this “pre pub” version of the paper — you will soon be receiving similar requests from other institutions!

    Also, note that we are using the same system for tracking pubs as do the ten UC campuses, so for people who have an appointment at a UC, there will be no double work; the system understands that you are one person interacting with two institutions.

  2. Richard Firestone says:

    UC Berkeley implemented this policy in 2015, see LBNL has little control over publication policies if co-authors are at other institutions. Publications in the proceedings of international meetings often are not open access and we can do little about that. Most of us support open access but it must be remembered that journals can charge a steep price for that option. Academic freedom is guaranteed in the LBNL/DOE contract and it will be futile to implement the publication requirements here. The same has proven true on campus.

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