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Bike Shuttle Express Route Starts Feb. 13

On Feb. 13, two trial runs of a bike shuttle express route will be conducted, starting at 8 a.m. from the West Crescent stop on the UC Berkeley campus and going directly to Building 69 near Grizzly Gate. Regular bike shuttle express operation starts Feb. 14, with runs every weekday morning from the West Crescent stop at 8, 8:30, 9, and 9:30 a.m. Go here for map, and here for FAQ.

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  1. Brie Fulton says:

    Is this the best place to leave feedback? I rode the shuttle for the first time today at the 9:30 run. Thanks to all of those who put this together. Not sure if this is feasible, but if the shuttle could go through campus, it would be more direct and faster too- especially given all of the traffic on Hearst from the construction. Personally, it would be a bigger incentive for me and might for others too and boost ridership if that’s an issue.

  2. David Brown says:

    I rode up on the 9:00 bike express shuttle this morning with 3 others, it worked great. The driver says the shuttle will run 8:00, 8:30, 9:00, and 9:30 from now on.
    The ride up took about 15 minutes, with delays along Oxford and Hearst due to construction and traffic. The driver thought a ‘normal’ trip would be about 7 minutes.
    Please remember and remind your friends that the bike express shuttle does not stop at regular shuttle stops, apparently some riders have tried to flag down the driver.

  3. Mariusz Juchno says:

    So, the second day of operation and there are already some big surprises.

    I’ve learnt today, while sitting inside the express shuttle around 8:30 with 5 or 6 other cyclists (probably the highest headcount yet this year), that there is no 8:30 shuttle and it leaves at 9:00. I ended up taking the Blue line. I was lucky but it was almost completely full and some people had to wait for the next one (which was also full from what I’ve heard).

    There was no announcement about the change…
    What happened today proves that 8:30 is exactly the time when such shuttle is the most needed…
    I find it very discouraging…

    When can we expect clarification?

  4. I love this idea, so I went to catch the 9:30 shuttle today. I arrived at 9:25 and waited until 9:35, at which point a fellow biker said the shuttle manager had just told him that the shuttle wouldn’t arrive until 10 and that “it had always been on the hour.” This is contrary to every communication, map, and FAQ posted about the bike route, which cites four departures: at 8, 8:30, 9, and 9:30. I’m not sure how or why the miscommunication happened, but I intended to save time using the bicycle shuttle and instead ended up wasting it. The other cyclist and I caught the Blue Uphill at the Oxford stop when we realized we’d have to wait a half hour, and had to sit through all the stops.

    Please get the kinks worked out and have the shuttle at the stop at the specified times.

  5. Please consider the fact that the current wet weather and still rather early dusk will make for less utilization of this very exciting service than will take advantage later in the spring. Those of us who need encouragement to ride more are wary of slick roads and nighttime hours. Please take this into account when assessing how much this gets used in this winter trial run.

  6. According to Lab transportation:

    Because the first run is a trial we are not sure how long the run will take so no specific time for the second run was given.

  7. Troy Stevens Sr. says:

    I’ve noticed at least one person around the lab that is not wearing a helmet, and he also flies around here a lot.

  8. Jacob Gimbel says:

    The 2nd trial run on Monday is at 8:30am—see you there!

  9. Ross Schaefer says:

    Woo Hoo! Kudos to all that worked to put this together. And a friendly reminder to my fellow cyclists– stop at all stop signs (yes, even if you think it’s ridiculous), be courteous, and don’t think of the B69 stop as the top of the downhill slalom run, but rather a pleasant gravity assist. Let’s not give anyone a reason to object to this useful and convenient new service.

  10. Betsy MacGowan says:

    Does the “two trial runs” mean the shuttle will leave West Crescent at 8, drive to B69, and return to West Crescent for another run? Approximately what time is the second run?

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