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Seeking Lab Ambassadors to Advance Outreach Efforts

ambassador programBerkeley Lab’s Ambassador Program is looking for participants to help advance the Lab’s outreach efforts to underrepresented groups. Diversity and Inclusion Office and Workforce Development and Education will fund travel and registration, while the Division covers the Ambassador’s time.  For a list of our outreach conferences, and for more information, click here.

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  1. Andrea Schreffler says:

    Hello, I am a new Administrative Assistant in the Director’s Office. I don’t know if this is something that I would be allowed to do and I’m sure it would require my supervisors (Jo Dee Widmayer, Kathy Pezirtzoglou, and Margaret Dick) approval, but if they agree then I would be really interested to know more! I love these kind of outreach efforts and have experience doing it in the nonprofit sector.


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