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Policy on Veteran’s Day Holiday Option

Monday, Nov. 11, is Veterans Day. Eligible employees may use it as a paid holiday with supervisor approval, and who have not taken Cesar Chavez Day as a paid holiday this calendar year. Those who have taken Cesar Chavez Day or will take Veterans’ Day as a holiday, must use a vacation day or take a leave of absence without pay on Dec. 26. Go to the Limited Floating Holiday Implementation Guidance webpage for more information. Laboratory policy concerning holidays is in the Requirements and Policies Manual, Holiday Policy. Go here to view the Laboratory’s holiday schedule.

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  1. the lab is fully operational on monday.

  2. Kymba A'Hearn says:

    I just had a good question from one of our scientists; will there be shuttle and mail service on Monday the 11th?
    I seem to remember that we don’t lose all services on the soft or floating holidays, so I want to say “yes” but I can’t find documentation to confirm that the shuttles will be running. Can you point me to this information?

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