Lab Couple’s Rare Footage of Jaguar Attack Nets 34 Million YouTube Hits

October 24, 2013

Most vacation videos are destined for the digital attic; often treasured, but seldom seen. Not so, the astonishing two-minute sequence shot by Berkeley Lab nanotechnologist Kedar Hippalgaonkar during a motorboat tour of a jaguar refuge in Brazil’s Pantanal wetlands. He and his wife, Tech Transfer’s Parul Jain, hoped for a glimpse of the big cats. Instead they witnessed a rare daylight hunt by swimming jaguar, which creeps ashore, surprises, and kills a 120-pound caiman sunning on a spit of sand; all captured on digital camera. Posted last month on YouTube, the Berkeley Lab couple’s dramatic vacation video has 34 million hits — and counting. More>

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2 Responses to “Lab Couple’s Rare Footage of Jaguar Attack Nets 34 Million YouTube Hits”

  1. Tenenssee Gock says:

    A co-worked told me to check out this clip on TABL. The video is magnificent!! The image and voice are very crisp and it was so well done that it seemed you had stayed for a few days to capture that magic moment in order to tell an amazing story! Thank you for giving the viewers a very nice experience! BTW, you two are beautiful and good to hear about your love story, all started on the LBNL Shuttle Bus!

  2. Victor says:

    Amazing footage of this very beautiful cat. Well done.

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