Eight Researchers Share Their ‘Big Ideas’ at Monday Theater Talk

October 24, 2013

Eight Lab scientists present eight game-changing concepts in eight minutes as part of the next Science at the Theater on Monday, Oct. 28, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Berkeley Repertory Theater (Roda Stage). Researchers include Peter Nugent (supercomputing and the search for supernovae), Seung-Wuk Lee (generating electricity from viruses), Peter Ercius (imaging atoms in 3-D), Ben Bowen (mass spectrometry imaging at hospitals), Kristin Persson (a Google for materials), Ian Hinchliffe (how the universe works), Rebecca Abergel (a pill to treat people exposed to radioactive materials), and Jeff Urban (synergist materials for energy applications). RSVP here.

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One Response to “Eight Researchers Share Their ‘Big Ideas’ at Monday Theater Talk”

  1. Michael Jennings says:

    I saw this sign at the B65 bus stop yesterday for the first time and, from about 10 feet away, read it as saying “FIGHT BIG IDEAS.”

    I don’t think that conveys the right message…. :-)

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