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Two Wheelers Should be Mindful of the Trail Sweeper Trucks Leave

Scooter, bicycle, and motorcycle riders need to be extra cautious when following the sweeper trucks that are clearing roadway dirt caused by construction vehicles. The water they leave behind takes approximately 90 seconds to dry, a period during which two-wheeled vehicles are more susceptible to losing traction on the slick surfaces. Keeping a clear distance and driving more slowly through these wet areas will substantially decrease the likelihood of losing control.

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  1. Steve Greenberg says:

    Lida is right. The slippery condition is not just the water but the oil, dirt and water together. This combination is much more slippery than a clean wet surface would be. I would also say the 90 seconds is an optimistic drying time. But the basic recommendation of (all road users) using extra caution when using roads the in the wake of the sweeper trucks is a very good one.

  2. Lida Gifford says:

    This water is also slippery for pedestrians! It feels as if the residual oils on the road mix with the water. Pedestrians should watch their step when walking across the slick water trail left by the sweepers.

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