Correction: Horseshoe Parking Lot Open This Saturday (Nov. 23)

August 30, 2013

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8 Responses to “Correction: Horseshoe Parking Lot Open This Saturday (Nov. 23)”

  1. Robert Fox says:

    What is the purpose of closing Parking Lot F at the horseshoe bend on football Saturdays? Berkeley Lab employees have been using this parking lot on football Saturdays for decades. It is one of the small perks that employees have left. Please reconsider this policy.

  2. Michael A. Green LBNL retired says:

    The change is awful. I have been parking at that lot for years for football games. I have an LNBL placard hanging from my mirror. Why the change? I still come into the lab as a retiree. Is the university selling the parking spaces or are they going to remain empty at a time when lab people who go to the games could use these spaces?

    Mike Green

  3. charles wohl says:

    I don’t go to the football games or use the horseshoe parking lot, but I agree with the above comments. If there is a good reason for closing the lot to LBL employees, state it. But what good reason could there be, after decades of no such rule? It just seems like another of those arbitrary shows of administrative power. Like for example the University’s slow strangulation of parking all the way up Strawberry Canyon to Space Sciences.

    More people should comment, even if they don’t use the lot.

  4. Nick Skowronski says:

    This is a horrible change! I have been parking here for Berkeley football games for the last few years as an LBNL employee with my LBNL parking pass. Please reconsider this change!

  5. Teresa Grossman says:

    I also don’t use the horseshoe parking lot, but having an arbitrary closing of it, specifically during UC Berkeley football games on Saturdays, doesn’t seem fair. Please provide a reason you are closing it on these particular Saturdays, but leave it open during the week days. Thanks.

  6. Jarek says:

    yeah, it does seem to be a show of administrative power since no particular reason is pointed out (like the construction project by the gate for example).
    I know lab employees (single parents) with small children who park there and then have a manageable walk. It’s not feasible for them to leave kids alone, park inside the lab and then walk to meet them, nor they have anybody to leave the kids with.

    I’m not a football fan by any means, but making people’s life more difficult just because, is not right.

  7. Bill Edwards says:

    Ditto on all of the above. What is the reason for closing this lot on football Saturdays?

  8. Jon Bashor says:

    Actually, the reason for this change became clear when UC posted a sign stating that you have to buy a football season parking permit to use the lot. It’s all about revenue. If you don’t have the special permit, your car will be towed. Go Bear$!

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