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Update on Paper Towel Composting Program

As part of Sustainable Berkeley Lab’s (SBL) waste minimization initiative, paper towels coming from restrooms on the main site are now going to a local compost facility instead of the landfill. This collaborative effort with Facilities and EHS is an important step toward meeting federally-required targets to divert and reduce landfill waste. We will be monitoring and adjusting the program over the coming months, so feel free to e-mail with feedback. Special thanks to the custodians who make this possible. For more information about SBL initiatives, visit To learn how to use fewer paper towels, check out this funny and compelling short video.

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  1. Will be happy to just put paper towels in the designated receptacle in the restroom, but a non-paper (garbage) receptacle will need to be in the restrooms as well.

  2. How about being even more sustainable and bring your own little hand towel?

  3. Marissa Smithwick says:

    Loved the video! I’m going to try to shake & fold from now on.

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