Thursday’s Evacuation Exercise a Success

July 15, 2013

Last Thursday’s Evacuation and Check-In exercises provided a prime learning opportunity for Emergency Management staff to evaluate a large-scale evacuation of the Lab’s main hill site. Approximately 1,800 staff evacuated the hill in one hour and 15 minutes. For the Check-In exercise, 75 percent of staff used selected methods to report to their superiors that they were accounted for. “Because of our unique location, there’s a higher likelihood we will encounter an earthquake or wildland fire,” says Emergency Manager Aaron Ward. “The lessons learned from the exercises will help us improve our plans to better respond to these type of disasters and strengthen our Lab’s safety culture.” Participants can share feedback here.

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4 Responses to “Thursday’s Evacuation Exercise a Success”

  1. Kyle says:

    I understand the need and want for high safety here at LBNL. I think drills like this are crucial do to the simple fact one day we will face some type of natural disaster. I would like to see what the time to evacuate the entire hill would be from both gates. Do we think this could be a possibility at some point? Also I notice when we have these safety drills the same building are always included. My guess is they are fairly well trained in the instance of an actual disaster, what about the rest of us? Or those of us on the other side of the hill?

  2. Richard Kadel says:

    There is a fatal flaw in the reporting system. In the last two real disasters:
    1) the internet did not work, so one would not be able to check in over the net
    2) Cell phones may not work
    3) If you don;t know the phone number of you supervisor, there is no
    LBNL electronic phone book, and the LBNL operator does not have access to phone numbers either
    nor is there a printed phone book any more (unless, like me you saved the last one from ~10 years ago)

    So be careful about your conclusions. Back up power on servers may not work either, if everyone’s
    local machine is dead.

  3. LA Dory says:

    We were told to evacuate in 3 phases and that my group was included in Phase 3. Yet there was only one announcement to evacuate that came (via loudspeaker) and that was for Phase 1. I waited half an hour, heard nothing, and so I just left. Everyone on my floor had already gone. So the communications did not work as expected. Once I logged in to the internet at home, I saw in my email that an evacuation message had arrived after I left but the time stamp said it was sent before I left. LBNL email msgs get hung up in the system and are therefore not immediate.

  4. Elton Cairns says:

    Visiting researchers apparently are not included in the reporting system. At least my visiting researchers were not. They should be included.

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