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Learn A Different Kind of Tai-Chi

SunsetOn Wednesday, June 26, an introductory class of Tai Chi 18-form will be taught (one time only) by Tennessee Gock from Noon to 1 pm in 2-100B. President of the LBNL Passport to Wellness Club, Tennessee states that this is a non-traditional kind of Tai Chi consisting of a set of easy-to-learn routines that vary from 4 to 16 minutes. These low-impact exercises will help promote circulation, muscle strength, joint flexibility, mobility, balance, bone density, and metabolism. Come to the class with comfortable clothing, or email if you want to learn more about it.

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  1. Read the TABL article announcing new Wellness Tips class (7/23/13) and the second Tai Chi / Wu Xing class (8/6/13):

  2. Amy and other interested individuals, new class is coming, check 6/17 TABL announcement. Beth, sorry, the new class will not be within your work hours, but please come visit me and we can make other arrangements. Thank you for your interest! Be Well!

  3. Thank you Beth. As mentioned above, I may give another class if there is high demand. Please feel free to contact me via email ( or if you need me to show you the exercises, or any wellness tips.

  4. I’d love to also! I am not in tomorrow, however. Thanks for sharing your website, it is intriguing!

  5. Thank you, Amy. Will see how it goes, I may organize another class if there is high demand. I may also host a wellness tips class, which I had given several times before at the Lab. Be well!

  6. I’d love to take this class, Tennessee. I won’t be able to make the one on the 26th, so PLEASE schedule others.

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