Melvin Calvin’s Moon Dust Reappears After 44 Years

May 10, 2013

Berkeley Lab archivist Karen Nelson uncovered the moon dust—about 20 vials with handwritten labels and dated “24 July 1970”—last month while reviewing and clearing out artifacts from Berkeley Lab’s warehouse. Along with the jar was a copy of the paper “Study of carbon compounds in Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 returned lunar samples,” published in the Proceedings of the Second Lunar Science Conference in 1971. Among the five co-authors, all from the Space Sciences Laboratory, is Melvin Calvin, who was also an associate director of Berkeley Lab (then known as Ernest O. Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory) and 1961 winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. More>


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4 Responses to “Melvin Calvin’s Moon Dust Reappears After 44 Years”

  1. Rick says:

    I wonder if the vials were found in a ‘dusty corner’ of the warehouse?

  2. Heino Nitsche says:

    I hope this statement was made in jest: “We’re hoping another institution will be able to display them,” she said. “The problem is we don’t have room for display or storage.”

    Well, we should try a bit harder to display these samples either at LBNL or UC Berkeley. I would like to suggest to Lab Management to take a closer look at this opportunity to show samples from the moon to current and future generations of scientists here at LBNL. It is appalling how they ended up in the warehouse in the first place.

    Heino Nitsche
    Professor of Chemistry
    Faculty Senior Staff Scientist

  3. Johnny J Johnson says:

    J Johnson wrote ;If the LBNL doesn’t want them they should be sold to highest bidder and money go to research.I think anyone visting LBNL would like to read the story of how , what , where , and why these samples were tacken .The findings would be great for me to know .I am a old guy and remember those moments in history . When we were a proud and great nation.Thanks J Johnson

  4. Julie Chao says:

    The samples have been sent back to NASA.

    About the lack of space to display or store, that refers to other items found in the warehouse.

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