Images of ‘Cyclodrome’ Model Built in 1948 Recently Uncovered

May 9, 2013

Last month, Marilee Bailey of the IT Division was rummaging through a refrigerator unit that housed old negatives of Lab photographs, as part of an archiving project. She came across some images showing the construction of a “cyclodrome,” a one-quarter sized working model E.O. Lawrence had built to test the concept of the Bevatron. Work on the model began in 1948 and was completed in 1949 at a cost of $200K. It was located on what was called the Wilson Tract, just northwest of the 184” Cyclotron (now the Advanced Light Source). It was dismantled in 1950. Go here to watch video at a higher resolution. Go here to see additional photos and the letters authorizing the construction.


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2 Responses to “Images of ‘Cyclodrome’ Model Built in 1948 Recently Uncovered”

  1. Hugh Higley says:

    I’m pretty sure these pictures are of building 52.
    This was North East of the 182″ and directly North of current building 16 until it was demolished in 2010. I was the Bldg 52 Mgr. from 1989 till 2010 and recognize the circular crane, magnet footings and general building details. In the exterior view of the newly finished buildind you can see that it is located directly North of Blg-16.

  2. Lyn says:

    no, not 52. the building in these images was dismantled in 1950. but it was located near bldg. 52.

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